Reliability, Higher Standards and Lasting Values were the key factors when engineering our 8400 Series Vinyl Window. Using 100% Virgin Vinyl insures that our windows will not rot, chalk or deteriorate like most of our competition. The 8400 SRS included a limited lifetime warranty on all residential projects. Vinyl extrusions qualifies these vinyl replacement windows as green products


  • Fusion welded sash and frame
  • 3/4″ internal muntins standard
  • High-performance SunShield™ technology
  • Block and tackle balance used on single hung for easy sash removal
  • Tru-Seal, DuraSeal spacer used between glass to eliminate seal failure
  • ¾”Flat, 1” Contoured and 1-1/4” Flat Internal Muntin Options are available in various patterns
  • 1-1/4 or 7/8 Simulated Divided Lite (SDL) available
  • Steel reinforced meeting rail, sash sill and frame sill for added strength and security
  • 2-5/8” Thermally Fused Master Frame and Side Load Take Out Sash gives FAR GREATER SECURITY and no tilt keys/latches to break or gouge sheetrock returns as with all tilt sash windows
  • Sloped Sill on Single Hung windows-not reliant on a weep system like competing products
  • Double Interlocking Sash gives a tighter seal that competition’s single interlock system


  • Performance ratings from R25 to C40
  • 5/8″ overall insulated glass thickness on single hung, horizontal sliders and picture windows
  • 100 % virgin vinyl materials, not cheaper/inferior re-ground/recycled materials as from other manufacturers.
  • 8400 srs Single Hung and Horizontal Sliders have a .31 U-Value/.22 SHGC (with Argon) and 8400 srs Picture Windows have a .28 U-Value/.22 SHGC (with Argon).
  • Tested to AAMA standards
  • NAMI-certified and third-party validated in accordance with AAMA protocol

Available Types

Custom shapes, configurations, bays and bows.

Fixed Frame

Single Hung

Horizontal Slider

Available Finishes

White | Sandstone | Tan

*Custom Exterior Color Options Available