All Seasons Installation Project Manager is a highly trained individual who:

  • Manages the installation process once the sale is made.
  • Inspects each opening for unusual conditions, damage, rot ect…
  • Measures height, width and depth to insure that the correct size and product is installed. Measures to the nearest 1/16” to insure a custom fit. Window/Door orders will not be accepted into production until this is complete.
  • Makes a detailed job sheet complete with materials list and instructions for the installers while at the jobsite
  • Takes before pictures of each opening for pre installation viewing with install crew. All before pictures and Project Mgr job sheets are emailed to All Seasons company president for review and comments. Window/Door orders are not accepted into production until this is complete.
  • Tests each location for lead as stated in the RRP guidelines for all homes built prior to 1978
  • The Project Manager is available to answer any pre installation questions or concerns.
  • Inspects final installation with the homeowner. The job is not complete unless both are satisfied.
  • Reviews and sends after pictures to the Company President and Customer Service Mgr/Sales Mgr for review and comment.